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As the torch is passed...

Modesty Love Bennett was a beautiful young lady full of life and had so much to offer the world. As she laid at Children's Mercy Hospital in the NICU we all saw the abundance of love from those who she had touch during her short life with us. As hundreds of visitors poured in just to see her one more time I realized this couldn't be the end. Her legacy must live on. I will stand strong for her and for those of us she has left behind. I will smile for her and continue to live a life, full and rewarding as she would insist. I will continue her work to support those she loved and hold her determination in my heart as she did. Aiming to support the weight of others as they go through tough times and encourage them as they live through their challenges. Usually a mom passes her torch on but February 28, 2023 she passed it to me and I will honor her. -Mom

The life saving donations that Modesty has given were only the beginning of her after life legacy. Modesty was a 17 year old high school student working on her mental health and self care. She struggled with ADHD, Anxiety and PTSD. Still through all of it she was still focused on doing better for herself and for others. Through the struggles of her life I watched as her peers struggled with many of the same issues. I aim to continue to support her peers and support them as they may need at any given time.

Financially we still have a few outstanding medical bills and are looking to raise funds in support of The Modesty Love Legacy. A few situations have occurred where we had to support a few of her peers through situations that have arose in school financially. I am working with the school, teachers and counselors in continuing that support. Please show your support today with a donation of any size. We want to continue this work without hesitation of finances.

Thank you in advance and Thank you from deep down in my heart for the donations that you have already given. The support we have received thus far was unimaginable and with your continued support her legacy will truly live on. Teen Mental Health issues are real and sometimes they just need more of us to just be there for them. Let's do this!

Here are just a few ways to donate easily:

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