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Modesty Love Bennett

02/20/06 - 02/28/23

Modesty Love Bennett just celebrated her 17th birthday on February 20th. No one expected she would be fighting for her life 5 days later. Modesty suffered from a seizure and Cardiac arrest on February 25th causing her to be on life support. After days of waiting, hoping and praying, her family received the devastating news that Modesty no longer had brain activity.


Modesty's mom and dad did what no parent should ever have to do. They have said good-bye to their little girl for the last time.

Modesty will now live on through the self-less act of organ donation. Please keep her family in your prayers.

If you knew Modesty Love, you knew she was a selfless person.  Always there for anyone and everyone.  In honor of her giving and loving heart we will continue her legacy in lots of ways.  Please subscribe to follow her legacy and find out how to support her legacy.




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